What is FediTags all about?

It is a curated database of popular and common hashtags on the Fediverse. Follow @[email protected] for regular updates.

What is the Fediverse?

The fediverse, short for federated universe, is a decentralized network of interconnected social media platforms like Mastodon and Pixelfed. It allows users to connect and interact with each other across different instances or servers, while still being part of the same network. Unlike traditional social media platforms, the fediverse is not controlled by a single entity and allows for greater user control and privacy.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the '#' symbol, used to categorize and organize content on social media platforms. It allows users to easily find and engage with posts related to a specific topic or theme.

Who invented the hashtag?

The concept of using hashtags on social media was first introduced by Chris Messina, a former Google employee, in 2007. He proposed the idea of using the '#' symbol to group related messages and topics on Twitter. Since then, hashtags have become widely adopted and used on various social media platforms.

What are daily hashtags?

Daily hashtags are hashtags that are associated with specific days of the week or recurring events. They are often used on social media platforms to encourage users to share content related to a particular theme or topic on a specific day. Examples of daily hashtags include #ThrowbackThursday, #MotivationMonday, and #SelfieSunday.

How do I follow a hashtag on Mastodon?

To follow a hashtag on Mastodon, you can search for the desired hashtag using the search bar or click on a hashtag in a post. Once you are on the hashtag page, you will see a "Follow" button. Click on it to start following the hashtag. This will allow you to see posts with that hashtag in your Mastodon timeline.